Září 2008

Michael Phelps Joins Grey's Anatomy Cast

27. září 2008 v 22:22 Chirurgové - Úvod
Not really. But if he did, this is how it would go down!
Below is the previously-mentioned Grey's Anatomy spoof featuring Michael Phelps that appeared during Jimmy Kimmel's pre-Emmy Awards special Sunday night. It features the Olympic legend along with several of our favorite cast members:

Grey's Anatomy News & Spoilers: Wednesday Edition

27. září 2008 v 22:21 Chirurgové - Úvod
Season Five of Grey's Anatomy is a little over one week (!) away and the rumors, spoilers and news - not to mention the excitement - surrounding the premiere, are building by the day. What's the latest on our favorite show this morning?
Enter Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly ...
Q: Do you have any inside info on what Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy holds for Izzie and Alex? Their chemistry is great.
A: Let's just say you'll have a really good idea where these two are headed by the end of the two-hour opener on September 25 - which, BTW, I just watched and really enjoyed. Turns out Kevin McKidd is all that and a bag of chips.

Another Grey's Anatomy Season Five Promo

27. září 2008 v 22:20 Chirurgové - Úvod
ABC is released this Grey's Anatomy promo as part of its marketing campaign, "National Stay at Home Week." No arguments there, as long as Grey's Anatomy is on!

Grey's Anatomy Season Four Deleted Scenes

27. září 2008 v 22:20 Chirurgové - Úvod
Below is deleted scene that appears on the Season 4 DVD set, featuring Alex and Izzie.
It was originally filmed / intended for the season's 11th episode, "Lay Your Hands On Me."
It's an extended verstion of the scene with him trying to get her out of bed, and we just love the comments they make to each other. Great acting.

Patrick Dempsey Unveils Cancer Center in Maine

27. září 2008 v 22:17 Patrick Dempsey
If you thought Patrick Dempsey couldn't get any cooler, think again!
Patrick unveiled a cancer center in his name at the Central Maine Medical Center in his hometown of Lewiston, Maine, on Monday.
The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing, which opens March 31, will offer education and support for cancer patients and their families.
The handsome Grey's Anatomy star, 42, says he was inspired after his mother successfully overcame ovarian cancer at the hospital.

Grey's Anatomy Cast Shines in "Good Medicine"

27. září 2008 v 22:16 Chirurgové - Úvod
Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood was one of the lucky few able to get a seat at UCLA inside Royce Hall Friday as the Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy cast put on a charity show for crew members dubbed "Good Medicine."
She dubbed the show a combination of American Idol meets the SAG Awards meets "The Gong Show" meets your local high school's talent show.
Sounds like a ton of fun to us. Here's her review ...
The show started with a funny taped message from the one and only McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, who said he was in Japan promoting Enchanted. With a wink, he couldn't miss a chance to plug the film, "Soon to be released on DVD."
Patrick Dempsey acknowledged how important the writers were to his show by joking, "Without them I'd still be known as that teen from Can't Buy Me Love."
Next to the stage was Dr. Izzie Stevens, Katherine Heigl, looking beautiful in a red knee length dress. Heigl, who is rumored to be leaving the show, revealed that all proceeds from the event would go to the Solidarity Fund started by the WGA.

Katherine Heigl Wants Out of Grey's Anatomy

27. září 2008 v 22:14 Katherine Heigl
We can't confirm this Grey's Anatomy gossip with any degree of certainty, but BuddyTV is reporting that Katherine Heigl wants to leave the series that has vaulted her to critical acclaim and fame on the big and small screens.
Heigl, who has experienced success at the box office with movies Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, reportedly seems more focused on pursuing her big screen career now and believes that she may have "outgrown" Grey's Anatomy.
Rumors say that Katherine Heigl, who plays Dr. Izzie Stevens, has even asked the producers of the hit medical drama to kill off her character - and to do so in such a manner as to hopefully elicit record ratings for the show.
SIDE NOTE: It would be tough to top the viewer response that followed last season's three-part episode in which Meredith Grey died and was later revived.

T.R. Knight Dating Mark Cornelsen

27. září 2008 v 22:13 T.R. Knight
Looks like T.R. Knight is off the market.
The Emmy-nominated Grey's Anatomy star, who plays George O'Malley, stepped out with boyfriend Mark Cornelsen during the 2008 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on Sunday.
The two held hands and looked very happy together. See below:

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey at the Academy Awards

27. září 2008 v 22:11 Patrick Dempsey
Here's a lovely picture of Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink Dempsey, at last night's 80th Annual Academy Awards. Wow, what a cute couple ...

Chandra Wilson Makes the Most of Time Off

27. září 2008 v 22:09 Chandra Wilson

During her unexpected wintertime hiatus, the award-winning Chandra Wilson wrapped up her, cleaned house, attended parent-teacher conferences, picked up an award and even visited her old high school.
Wilson, understandably, would have preferred to be at work, wrapping up Season Four as Dr. Miranda Bailey in the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy.
But the chance for the actress to return to her alma mater, Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, was one of the brighter spots of her forced time off during the Writers Guild of America strike.
According to her hometown Houston Chronicle, Wilson returned to the school bearing the promise to fund a pair of $2,000 annual college scholarships for HSPVA's theater graduates and in just minutes, produced more genuine, heartfelt laughter than the stern, no-nonsense Miranda Bailey has provided viewers in four years of serious, on-screen hospital corridor stare-downs.

Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice Casts to Hold Benefit

27. září 2008 v 22:06 Chirurgové - Úvod

Tony Award Winners Audra McDonald, Sara Ramirez and Loretta Devine will all headline "Good Medicine" - a once-in-a-lifetime musical event with casts of the popular ABC television shows Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
Almost all the stars of these two popular TV series will be participating, and the evening will include musical performances by Paul Adelstein, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, T.R. Knight, Chris Lowell, James Pickens, Gina Taylor-Pickens and Chandra Wilson. Justin Chambers, Eric Dane, Taye Diggs, Katherine Heigl, Chyler Leigh, Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Brooke Smith, Kadee Strickland, Shonda Rhimes (creator/executive producer of both series) and Kate Walsh will also participate.

Eric Dane Not OK! With Cancer Story

27. září 2008 v 22:05 Eric Dane

The "fight against cancer" Eric Dane reportedly went through was not nearly as bad or dramatic as it sounded in OK! Magazine, the actor's rep said.
The OK! Magazine cover story in its February 18 issue sensationalized the fact that the Grey's Anatomy star, 35, was diagnosed with skin cancer and had malignant cells on his lip frozen off with liquid nitrogen in a doctor's office recently.
"Eric Dane does not have cancer," his rep told Us Weekly.
"He spoke with OK! to clear up inaccuracies they were planning to run. His story certainly does not compare to those actually suffering from the disease."

Grey's Anatomy Cast: Justin Chambers is Fine

27. září 2008 v 22:03 Justin Chambers

After checking in an out of the UCLA Medical Center's psychiatric ward, Justin Chambers is doing just fine, according to the Grey's Anatomy cast.
"[Justin Chambers] just needed a break," says James Pickens, Jr., who recently spoke with the actor. "He said, 'Man I'm fine.'"
At the NAACP Image Awards Nominee luncheon Saturday in Beverly Hills, Ca., Pickens told People that Chambers, who recently left town, was headed to Arizona with his family because he just wanted to chill.
"He thanked everybody for their concern but everybody's good," says Pickens.
Also at the luncheon, co-star Chandra Wilson said, "Everybody goes through stuff. It's no different than anybody else in the world. We just happen to be in the public eye ... Justin's doing just fine."

Eric Dane Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

27. září 2008 v 22:00 Eric Dane

In a surprising and very serious piece of Grey's Anatomy news, Eric Dane was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer just last month.
Fortunately, he has successfully treated the disease and is recovering well. The actor spoke to OK! magazine about his struggle.
The Grey's Anatomy star first detected something was wrong when he looked in the mirror and saw what looked like chapped lips - but wasn't.
"I went to my dermatologist," Eric Dane tells the celebrity news magazine. "He said it was malignant tissue caused by sun damage."